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Δευτέρα, 8 Απριλίου 2013

Greece Crete 2012

Published on Jul 21, 2012
Welcome to a place where you can give in to the true pleasures of life... to a place where the sea and the sky meet in perfect harmony to make your dreams come true... to a place where each moment has its own proper value..

Our crazy mad and chikanteee holidays in Crete, Greece!
And, yesss, we know where real Sparta is located))
I fell in love from the first sight, first breath, first touch!

Mediterranean Sea
Sea of Crete
Ionian sea
Balos bay
Palmera Beach hotel

Thanks to guys from Palmera Beach! You made our days unforgettable! Special thanks to Nicolaie (the best prestidigitator ever;)), Roxy, Valia (responsive girls from reception), greetings to you, mates! About Palmera:

And of course grand thanks to my broooo Dimi))) We had a great fun!:)

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