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Greek honeymoon destinations

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Greek honeymoon destinations

If you thought that a dream honeymoon in the sun means being somewhere south of the equator you probably haven’t thought about the Cycladic Islands. Golden beaches, crystal-clear water, tanning beneath a hot sun, delicious cocktails and luxury hotelswill all add a little extra shine to your memories of your wedding ceremony. Let’s go on a little guided tour around Santorini, Mykonos, Sifnos and Folegandros. That should be enough to persuade you.

Santorini has a beauty found nowhere else in the world, while Mykonos is bustling and cosmopolitan. Sifnos offers a host of things to do to relax, yet Folegandros has somehow managed to escape the effects of mass tourism. These four islands are just some of the destinations on offer in the Cyclades. Let’s explore.

Cosmopolitan Mýkonos
The most cosmopolitan destination in the Cyclades is also the perfect place for a glamorous honeymoon. Mykonos is an island that never sleeps and every year celebrities from all over the world pay a visit to its shores. This a place you can organise the honeymoon trip you’ve always dreamt of.The immaculate architectural style of the main town (Hóra) of Mykonos, its freshly whitewashed sugar-cube houses and spotlessly clean labyrinthine side streets,all bathed in the dazzling light of the god Apollo, are simply magical. Along Matoyánni Street, the most famous on the island, you’ll find shops owned by the world’s leading fashion housesand jewellers. Scattered all over the island are superb gourmet restaurants,waiting to serve you up an unforgettable gastronomic experience. Enjoy the facilities on offer at the island’s luxury hotels alongside the island’s beautiful beaches and treat yourself to a little quality time in some seriously stylish places. Most of the luxury hotels are to be found in ÁyiosIoánnis, Órnos and alongside the gorgeous beaches of PlatísYialós and Eliá. You must, of course, take a dip at some of the island’s other cosmopolitan beaches too. Check out Paradise, KalóLivádi, Pánormos, Parága,Fteliá and Psaroú. It goes without saying that you must party the nights away in some of the island’s world famous bars and clubs!

Add a touch of extra romance. There are a number of unspoiled little islets around Mykonos which are well worth a visit. To the south west of the island is the isletof Chtapódia (Octopus). Explore Pánormos and head for the northern section of Mykonos, where you will find the picturesque little island of Marmaronísi.

Sífnos: A place of harmony
The sheltered beaches and scattered coves of Sifnos,the uniquely beautiful villages and countless Cycladic churches all create a setting that is in harmony with itself, the ideal place for a honeymoon where body and soul can unwind beneath deep blue skies. On Sifnos, the island of the renowned early 20th century Greek chef Nicholas Tselementes, you can sample some of Sifnos’ exceptional produce cooked by award winning chefs who know how to tempt our taste buds. Visit its medieval castle and sense the indomitable strength and charm of the Aegean. If you like to be next to the sea, pick one of the hotels in Vathý, while if you prefer the splendour and harmonious style of neoclassical mansions we’d recommend a stay in picturesque Artemónas,with its courtyards bursting with flowers and spectacular view. And don’t miss out on a dip in the sparkling blue waters at Chrysopiyí, Vathýand Kamáres.

Add a touch of extra romance: The starry skies over Sifnos are perfect for stargazing. A combination of good weather, a gentle northern breeze and an absence of artificial light create perfect conditions to enjoy the night sky in all its splendour.

Folégandros: A haven away from the crowds
If any of you really want to unwind completely after the stress of getting ready for your wedding, why not escape to Folegandros. There hasn’t been much in the way of tourist development and what has been done has always respected the local Cycladic style. The island’s main town, or Hóra, is surrounded by steep cliff faces. It is a residential area unlike any other, whose main characteristic is its unadulterated Cycladic style. The view from the towering north-facing side of the castle in Poúnda Square, the afternoon break spent idling in the shade in Dounávidon Square, the Church of the Kímisi tis Theotókou(Assumption of the Virgin Mary),which stands imposingly on its rocky pedestal and the evening buzz in lively Piátsa Squarecome together here to create a beautifully welcoming atmosphere in this distinctive Cycladic settlement.There are a lot of hotels here which have been built in accordance with contemporary trends in design, specially laid out to let you gaze out in peace and quiet over the endless blue of the Aegean Sea. The crystal-clear waters ofAgáli, Kátergo and Livádisparkle beneath the Mediterranean sun. They’re waiting for you!

Add a touch of extra romance: Enjoy a romantic stroll around Hóra, set at an altitude of approximately 200 meters above sea level. Wander around town square after town squareand little whitewashed courtyards. Sample local delicacies or, if you prefer, international cuisine at one of the restaurants for which this Cycladic resort stands out.

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